It happened during one crazy night at an exclusive rooftop club in the heart of Shanghai. That was the one and only time anyone ever saw ‘her’, but once was all it took to leave an impression that would last a lifetime.

Intricately made-up while maintaining her natural beauty, friendly and engaging while demure and mysterious, flirty and fun, yet regal and reserved, enviously stylish but so earthy and familiar, a bonafied classic, yet way ahead of her time. Simply put: she was unforgettable. As soon as she entered the room all eyes were on her, and as she walked out of the door it was almost impossible to break your stare.

Her name? TOKYO JANE

And what better way to pay homage to this gorgeous soul and muse than to immortalise her in these precious pieces of jewellery.

Our statement bracelet and bangle collections do exactly that, with their rich intricate detail, beauty and structural resilience. And with a wide range of styles and carefully thought-out designs, selecting the perfect piece to add that special touch to any outfit and for any occasion will be effortless. Be it a romantic dinner, visit to a museum or art gallery, or a night out on the town. You can always guarantee that these eye-catching accessories will not go unnoticed and neither will you, just like TOKYO JANE herself!

TOKYO JANE was launched in Nørrebro, a vibrant multicultural neighbourhood in the heart of Copenhagen just one year after that unforgettable night.

TOKYO JANE’s Berlin office opened in 2018. Known as Europe’s ‘capital of cool’, the city houses a melting pot of globally inspired cultures. This is reflected in its intriguing history; breath-taking architecture and booming tech and start-up scene. Not forgetting Berlin’s hypnotic night life; vibrant street art and rich diversity of traditional and international cuisines.   These elements make it the ideal location to nurture the brand’s original concept along with its Copenhagen-derived contemporary aesthetic. August 2020 will see the launch of the TOKYO JANE Studio, which will encompass a series of edits developed as exclusive collaborations with a list of celebrated artists from around the world.


Our statement bracelets and bangles can best be described as ‘timeless and affordable luxury’ which can stand alongside any high-fashion wrist adornment but without the hefty price tag.

Patterned in Denmark, home of globally renowned Scandinavian design, each piece is carefully crafted and adorned by hand with gold or silver plating. Then the bracelet or bangle is fitted with premium leather or cork, or instead hand-painted with brightly-coloured toxic-free enamel paint. The pieces are also polished by hand to ensure a stunning finish.

In fact, each item goes through a seven-step process to maintain overall quality and style satisfaction.

And keeping in line with honouring the inspiration and legacy of the brand, TOKYO JANE has made it a priority to enforce a compliance audit with our factory which communicates our responsibility for fair wages, reasonable hours, and a good working environment for all staff working on the brand.

All TOKYO JANE pieces are scratch-resistant. To keep jewellery in the best condition, please avoid contact with water and cosmetic products.

So, what are you waiting for? To find your own inner TOKYO JANE or to gift the experience to a friend or loved one, choose and purchase one of our stunning pieces today!