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TOKYO JANE is a collaborative project with artists from all over the world. By becoming a member of our artist community you have the opportunity to participate to our design contests and turn your creations into exquisite jewellery and accessories in collaboration with the most skilled artisans of the industry. Should your design be selected for production, you will be receiving a prize of 200€ as well as an item of our collection that carries your design.

Eligibillity: Artists of every kind such as painters, graphic designers and sculptors or anyone with a love for fashion and art can be part of our community and participate into our contests.

How to apply: To apply for a membership, simply follow the steps below and fill in all your information. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list in order to be the first to know about our upcoming contests.

How we select: The winning designs are being selected for their uniqueness, accordance to the theme and of course for their beauty and talent of their creator. Our team of marketing and sales specialists work hand in hand with our experienced producers in order to ensure that the selected designs will transform into irresistible high quality jewellery and accessories that will charm our customers from all over the world.

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